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Save Melville Street from UTAS takeover

UTAS' wants to take over half a block of Melville Street, but this is just the beginning of the UTAS/HCC collusion's grand plan to kill traders and make getting around in Hobart even harder and more expensive. Losing 20 odd car parks and stopping traffic in one direction is nothing compared to what the HCC and UTAS seem to have shaken firm hands on.

UTAS has made their position very clear - Melville Street will become a 'nature corridor' in our CBD. HCC seems to be more than happy make UTAS' wishes their command.

How about the small businesses along this strip that NEED their customer to be able to access them easily in order to survive.

How do you, the community, feel about UTAS claiming several city blocks as their own?

Several city blocks will be taken from the hands of the broader community and small businesses that are fighting hard to survive, and switched to plywood furniture and pot plants. Streets are are movement and access, not photo shoot sets for UTAS marketing materials.

Have your say on "Melville Street Hobart Tas 7000, PLN-21-609 - Temporary Parklet including Public Street Furniture, Landscaping, and Bicycle Lane, and Associated Removal of Carparking Spaces and Alterations to Traffic Layout"

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