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Born and raised here, I have always called Hobart home, other than a few years living in London and travelling after school.  Moving elsewhere has always been an option, but this is where I want to raise my family and enjoy life. I believe we have it all here in Hobart, and anything we don’t isn’t far away.

Professionally my experience has predominately been in human resources, policy, and communications, having worked for the State Government for many years before moving on to work as a self-employed consultant for local Tasmanian businesses and organisations.

I have always been someone who stood up for what they believe. I find it very difficult to turn a blind eye when I see things that need doing, can be done better, should not be done at all. I instinctively look at problems in terms of the practical solutions we can apply to get us headed in the right direction.

I’m not afraid to ask questions. I’m not afraid to admit I do not know something. Those who know me well know that I am a ‘get things done’ type of person, I’ve been called a ‘straight shooter’ more than once, and I’m more than fine with that.

I deeply feel that we all have an obligation to minimise the harm we cause on our planet. Our planet is precious. Life is precious. I’m acutely aware of these things having faced the challenges of cancer at a relatively young age.  This experience has left me with an inescapable need to do something that matters.

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