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Sadly, I know that climate change is very, very real and that it's the by far the biggest threat we face.

While I strongly believe in setting goals, I'm also a highly practical person. At the local government level, I would push to see action on the climate change threat and us preparing for the impacts of climate change by:

  • making active transport, especially walking and cycling, safer and more appealing by through dedicated cycling lanes, secure bike storage and better quality and more accessible footpaths

  • providing the community with free/low cost, widespread and accessible electric car charging infrastructure

  • transitioning the Council's vehicle fleet to low/no emissions vehicles as the vehicle types available in Australia increase and affordability improves 

  • shifting the Council towards waterwise and native gardens 

  • overhauling our stormwater systems to ensure they are better able to manage inevitable flooding 

  • increasing the amount of recycling that is undertaken in Tasmania so we are not sending our waste elsewhere

  • broadening kerbside recycling options  and improving access to recycling deposit centres 

  • waiving or providing a pro-rata reduction on fees on applications that relate to sustainability upgrades, such as installation of solar panels and home extensions that meet a certain level of efficiency 

  • waiving or reducing application fees and/or local council rates for a fixed-term for new constructions that achieve a gold standard level of of efficiency 

  • Council supporting activities that encourage the reduce, reuse and repair of materials, such as repair cafes and broader community education

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