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I believe that there is considerable scope for local government to help minimise our impact on the environment, including through the avoiding, reusing, reducing and recycling waste. I have a particular interest and passion for recycling and addressing plastic pollution.


I would like to see:

  • more water fountains and bottle fillers

  • Council prioritising investment in recycling technology

  • recycling stations for items which can’t go in kerbside bins much more accessible, such as at drive up locations like service stations

  • expanding kerbside collection, such as collection of spot plastics

  • free council run/provided community repair café

  • fees waived for planning and building applications which relate solely to an environmental/sustainability activity, such as the installation of solar

  • rebates on home compost and worm farms systems and electric lawn mowers

  • wide community access to free electric vehicle charging

  • free annual hard waste collection

  • Council-supported garage sale locater app/promotion

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