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I think that UTAS should stay in Sandy Bay on the beautiful, prime property they were gifted for the purposes of education. I find the decision for UTAS to move into the CBD illogical.

Check out my concerns here - absent evidence, improper relationships and a highly questionable concept.

Some of my concerns relating to UTAS' move are that:

  • the land was gifted for the purpose of education. I believe throwing this away, especially without truly valid logic, is a betrayal and that property development is distracting UTAS from their core role

  • the Sandy Bay setting is one of UTAS’ strongest selling point for students and staff. I believe the location reflects our Tasmanian brand of close-knit communities and welcoming and inclusive environments

  • the HCC struggles to approve a dozen homes in Sandy Bay, yet UTAS propose 2700 new dwellings which will realistically bring around 4000 cars to the already congested roads in the area

  • the CBD should be retained as the central business district and that condensing higher education into small city blocks will further clog the city

  • UTAS is seeking ‘green space’ (and has already applied to take over public streets to facilitate this) but green space is exactly what they will be leaving behind in Sandy Bay

  • UTAS will steamroll the small guy. UTAS is powerful and well-resourced and, combined with the authority available to the Hobart City Council, small businesses, local residents and community members could very easily find themselves trampled. UTAS’ application to take over Melville Street has already demonstrated this

  • UTAS’ exemption from paying the bulk of local government rates (and land tax) means that more pressure is placed on other ratepayers

  • the UTAS-HCC relationship is unhealthy and puts the Council’s requirement to act in the best interests of the community in jeopardy. The HCC and UTAS appear deeply intertwined with UTAS calling the shots and the HCC committed to comply. 

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