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Addressing Real Priorities.



I want to see our Council's focus return to true local government business. I want real priorities addressed. I want to see our Council delivering high quality, efficient core services. 

Ratepayers contribute around $80 million a year into the Council's bank account.
For this, I want to see:

  • our roads in fantastic shape with issues promptly addresses

  • stormwater infrastructure that is up to the demand it'll face in a changing climate

  • no more dangerous and patchwork footpaths

  • no more absent footpaths that force kids, pram users and people with mobility issues onto roads

  • comprehensive and reliable waste management services 

  • vegetation on Council land consistently maintained by Council and

  • clean city streets and public facilities.

The average residential rates bill in 2021-2022 was $2,669.35. The average commercial bill was $13,989.35. What do you want addressed for your hard-earned money?

What are your Real Priorities?
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