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I believe efficiently providing the city with high quality infrastructure is a fundamental role of local government.


I would like to see:

  • funding for essential infrastructure, particularly related to stormwater, prioritised and new work and upgrades not being delayed or neglected for the sake of nice-to-haves

  • greater attention given to the fundamentals of local government, like roads, footpaths, waste management and cleaning 

  • our infrastructure able to meet the added demand that will be on it through population growth, greater density and climate events 

  • funding for upgrades and new work to be planned well in advance and saved for to avoid blowouts

  • high standards set in terms of what we view as acceptable for the state of our roads and footpaths

  • policy changes so that vegetation clearing occurs as needed, as well as a default regular cycle

  • the usage of Council provided public wifi reviewed and, if underutilised, withdraw this service.

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