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My First Actions

If I'm fortunate enough to be elect me as a community representative, I will immediately begin working on the change our community is calling for. 

Within my first five meetings, I'll be putting forward the positive and practical changes we need.  

This is just the start - getting warmed up, you might say.  

I will put forward motions that call on the Council to:

  1. Immediately return the free parking time in its off-street carparks to first 90 minutes free.

  2. Identify potentially suitable sites of Council owned/controlled land (that could hold at least 100 cars and is located within 20 minutes of the CBD) that may be suitable for promoting as ‘park and walk’ locations.

  3. Install new bicycling parking infrastructure at multiple locations across the city that is space efficient, attractively designed, undercover offers improved security including through the offered of enclosed lockers and/or CCTV monitoring.

  4. Identify Council owned/controlled land that is underutilised that may be suitable locations for residential housing on a temporary basis (such as demountable and/or transportable homes on a lease of 10 years or lease).

  5. Work with homelessness services to identify locations for the installation of secure lockers where people without a home can store their belonging on a temporary basis.

  6. Agree that the provision of high quality sports facilities is one of Council's core responsibilities and that resourcing decisions reflect this and commit to ensuring that fees paid on sports facilitate represent good value.

  7. Undertake a full review of its sports facilities and associated policies and processes, in consultation with the sporting community and commit to a date target for completing construction and upgrade works to high priority works, such as sportsground draining improvements and renovation change room facilities.

  8. Support that when an elected member does not support a planning application for residential development that has been recommended for approval by the Planning Officers, that the elected members who vote against the application be required to provide a short statement outlining the rationale for their rejection and that this statement be included in meeting minutes.

  9. Undertake a comprehensive city-wide audit and consultation period to accurately understand what infrastructure and facilities are needed in our community. The audit to include on-the-ground discussion with local community representatives and open community feedback. The scope is to be broad, including issues from minor footpath repairs through to the construction of new facilities, like fenced dog parks, playground upgrades and sporting facilities.

  10. Review the policies governing its grant programs to ensure that funding is directed to initiatives that are highly likely to deliver a sound use of funds.

  11. Review the appropriateness of the resources is allocated to Elected Members, including the Lord Mayor.

  12. Issue a public statement retracting its previous position that it will “support and facilitate” the relocation of UTAS, that it currently has no view on concept of the relocation and will be undertaking community engagement to inform its view.

  13. Immediately begin a comprehensive community engagement program that asks the community its views on the concept of UTAS relocating to the CBD. The scope of the program is to include the impact of UTAS’ relocation the city, the impact of UTAS’ proposed plans for Sandy Bay and the Council’s relationship with UTAS.

  14. Require that hire escooters are locked (unable to be ridden) on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm and 5am).

  15. Take action to ensure that the hire escooter trial is informed by comprehensive, reliable and independent data, which includes information sources that capture the true incidence of accidents, injuries and property damage associated with hire escooters.

  16. Commit to not using Council resources to fund advertising campaigns related to the hire escooters.

  17. Pause activity on the intended removal of the William Crowther statute until a Monuments Policy has been finalised, with the development of the policy to include extensive consultation with the community and discussion with the State Government and other major councils across the state.

  18. Commit to applying a ‘maximum transparency’ principle which includes increasing the scope and detail of financial information readily available to the public and ensuring that agenda items listed for closed portions of Council meeting are those which genuinely must be discussed in closed.

  19. Ensure that any ‘trials’ are accompanied by a statement describing the basis on which the success of the trial will be based and that this statement is freely available to the public.

  20. Ensure that any discussions between the Council and any current or potential property developers are documented in writing, with information about what has been discussed and agreed available to the public. This does not extend to discussions between current or intending development applicants and Council officers that relate to specific planning, building or plumbing advice that is used to inform an application or development.

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