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I believe our Council needs to step back and ensure that it is carefully prioritising its resources and that scrutiny should be applied to all expenditure, including that relates to arts activities.

The Council cannot be all things to all people. I believe that the Council owes it to ratepayers to ensure that they are getting the best value from the money they spent. Activities should bring benefit to hundreds and thousands, not handfuls or dozens. A classic example – I do not believe that $5000 to teach a dozen people how to DJ is sound use of ratepayer money, in my opinion.

I would like to see:

  • Mawsons Place and/or other council owned facilities offered for community art exhibitions from April to September annually

  • a city murals program which includes artworks by and representing First Nations people

  • a permanent sculptural installation in Franklin Square recognising First Nations people and history and

  • more in-kind support for events and activities.

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