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My Hobart 

I strongly believe that:


  • Hobart needs to move forward as an alive and thriving city that is open to change, while protecting what makes us special

  • we can make smart decisions that provide an enviable lifestyle, drive economic prosperity and preserve our environment

  • Hobart is and can be a place where people want to live, work, run a successful business, adventure and grow old

  • the City faces some tough challenges – housing crisis, congestion, staying true to ourselves,  – but we cannot be intimidated; being innovative and solutions focused is the only option

  • that it is impossible to please everyone. There will undoubtedly be people who are unhappy with a decision but this should not paralyse decision-making or mean that those who are most vocal are viewed as speaking on behalf of the broader community.

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The Council

The Council I would like to see and be a part of is one that:

  • knows that its place is the delivery of core services, such as roads, rubbish, recycling, stormwater and bushfire protection 

  • minimises the burden on ratepayers, knowing that the community and businesses are already under financial pressure 

  • is careful with ratepayer money, ensuring that resources are effectively prioritised and used for core services and other activities that can demonstrate a solid return on investment through economic, social and/or environmental gain 

  • is highly efficient and open to exploring how it can better do better, including through amalgamations or centralised shared service models 

  • does not waste ratepayer money on activities that deliver minimal or questionable benefit and/or are out of its jurisdiction

  • appreciates that the best decisions are made when all sides have been given a fair chance to be heard and when all relevant information is available and has been duly considered.

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