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The people adored Dr Crowther - Here's some names

Hundreds of Tasmanians signed a petition calling for the reinstatement of Dr Crowther after he was suspended from his role at the General Hospital for refusing to participate in an inquiry into what happened to the body of William Lanne. Dr Crowther refused to participate in the inquiry as he believed the inquiry was biased against him for political reasons. Dr Crowther was a strong opponent to the Dry Government of the time and there was an established relationship between Mr Davies, owner of The Mercury, and the Royal Society. Mr Davies was eager to support the Royal Society and it is understood that he was keen to help use his newspaper to pin the blame for what happened to William Lanne's body as Crowther's doing, not that of the Royal Society's Dr Stokell. Ironically, many would say that Dr Crowther is again being subjected to political influence.

See below some of the many, many names who wanted to see the "grand old doctor" reinstated to his position as Honorary Medical Officer. And the bottom of the page for some of the names taken from the petition in alphabetical order by surname.

Thomas Abel Battery Point

Thomas Aherne Harrington St

Henry Mant Albatsoys South St Battery Point

John Alger 6 Campbell Street

John Alger 6 Campbell St

John Allen

Andrewartha Port Esperance

William Arkwright Maria

H Armstrong

H Armstrong

John Austin Morrison St

Thomas Austin Liverpool St

John Badcock Elizabeth Street


Badcock New Town Road

James Bailey Battery Point

John Bain battery Point


James Banner Murray St

James Banner Murray St

Samuel barrow Lansdowne Crescent

James Basstiak Glenorchy

Basstiak Glenorchy

Basstiak Glenorchy

James Baynton Battery Point

James Bears Fitzroy Paradde

Bears Fitzroy St

George Bedford Liverpool St

George Bedford Liverpool St

Belbin Battery Point

Samuel Bendall Hobart

Arthur Birch Macquarie St

N Birch Macquarie Street

Birch Macquarie St

Samuel A Reid Birchalls Liverpool St

James Birth Melville St

G Bishop

Bishop Macquarie St

Bishop Macquarie St

Robin Blackwood Huon River

J Blake Catherine

J Blake Seaman Catherine

George Bocctlaw Collins St

James Bolan

William Boornell karney St

F N Bortin Franklin Wharf

Patrick Bourke Old Wharf

William Bowden Victoria St

William Bowerman Sandy Bay

Robert Boyd

William Boyle

Charles Bradley

John Bradley Battery Point

H B Brains New Wharf

Braithwaite Argyle St

Branwik Argyle St

W G Brents

Thomas Brian

Briant 110 Murray St

Briges Macquarie St

William Peter Briggs

James Britan Battery Point

George Brittlebank Liverpool St

John Broughtan Macquarie St

John Broughton Macquarie St

David Brown Harrington St

George Brown Collins St

James Brown 126 Collins St

William Brown Liverpool St

James Brown 126 Collins St

Joseph Bryant Liverpool St

Buice Murray Street

William Bungets

James Burnet Collins St

Button Warrick St

Daniel Cabuan Warrick St

james Callow Elizabeth St

Robert Campbell Goulburn St


William Campbell Collins St

Joseph Cantrell

Joseph Carter Campbell St

John Cassidy Elizabeth St

John Cassidy Elizabeth St

Charles James Cearns Elizabeth Street

Charles James Cearns Elizabeth St

William Chamberlain

Jacob B Chandler Battery Point

Thomas Chanice Bathurst St

John Child Hunter St

James Chitters Melville St

James Clark Collins St

James Clark 115 Collins St

Thomas H Clark Campbell St

William Clark Elizabeth St

Joseph Clarke Collins St

Alexander Clarke Jnr Collins St

Claxson Liverpool St

Claxson Liverpool St

Joseph Clayton Port Esperance

S Clifford Liverpool St

Clifford Liverpool Street

William Cockrill Battery Point

Edward Collis Goulburn St

George Collis Arthur St

John Colpepper Battery Point

John Cousing

Thomas Cousins Padget St

Thomas Cousins Hadget St

James Cowgill Liverpool St

B Cox Burnett St


C F Cresivelo

George Crisp Campbell Street

Croft Church St

William Crooks Goulbourne St

Joseph James Cullen Liverpool St

Thomas Cullen Battery Point

Cullon High Street

James Cunningham Little Melbourne St

Joseph Cuthbert

James Cuthbertson Lansdowne Crescent

Cutinea Victoria St

Martin Dale Barrack St

Martin Dale Barrack St

Walter Dale Barrack St

John Dalgleish Sandy Bay

Edward Daly

M R Daly

Peter Daly Barrack St

Peter Daly

Stephen Daly Battery Point

Davey Gore St

John Davie Battery Point

Charles Davis

Thomas Dawes Liverpool St

Thomas Denham

Charles Dillon George St

James Dousow Glenorchy

Dowel Port Signet

John Doyle

Dunlop Bathurst St

Dunlop Bathurst St

David Durkie

Arthur Dutch Church Hill

James Eastward

Thomas Edwards New Town

Walter Edwards Murray St

S H Elliot

William Ellis

Beresford Etllon Darcy St

Evans Cross Street



Owen Farrigun

Farthing Liverpool St

B M Ferguson Liverpool St

Thomas Fisher

W Fisher Sandy Bay


Michael Fitzpatrick Old Wharf

Martin Flanagan Golbourne St

Robert Fletcher Campbell St

Thomas Fowers brisbane St

Thomas Fowers Brisbane St

Colin Fraser Brisbane St

Fraser Brisbane St

Thomas Freeman

John Gallagher Lansdowne Crescent

William Gaskougn Angelsea St

Philip Gellie Harrington St

John Gibbins Murray St

Charles Giden New Wharf

James B Gill

F H Ginthridge

Henry Gitters Langary Bay

Henry Gittus

John Gleeson

Thomas Glover Liverpool St

Thomas Glover Liverpool St

Goidfrey Goulburn St


Gough Collins St

Thomas Grafton Liverpool St

John Graine Argyle St

Robert Gray george St

Robert Gray George St

Charles Groves

Groves Burnett St

Groves Burnett St

William Grub Huon Road

Thomas Grubb Huon Road

William Grubb Huon Road

George Guest Battery Point

Graham P W Guiane Lansdowne Crescent

H Hagon Liverpool St

Hamilton Elizabeth St

H Harris Harrington St

John Harris Elizabeth Street

John Harrison

George Harsefield

J R Harsefield Battery Point

John Haslam Molle St

Micahel Hawley Battery Point


Hedford Murray St

Charles hennessey Elizabeth St

James hennessey Battery Point

Hennessey Battery Point

Hewitt Collins St

H Hiesse Brisbane St

William Higgins Goulburn St

William Higgins Golbourne St

Higgins Hobart

Hillchorn Murray St

Frederick Hills Argyle St

Henry Hooper High St

William Hooper Liverpool St

William Hooper Liverpool St

Joseph Hopwood Battery Point

F N Hortin Franklin Wharf

Horton Sandy Bay

John Hughes Battery Point

John Hughes Battery Point

Samuel Hunt Morrison St

George Hunter

William Hutchins Battery Point

Hutchinson Burnett St

Hutchinson Burnett St

Hyatt Bathers Street

John Ibbotson Brisbane St

A Inglis Clark Liverpool St

Robert Ivers Melville St

Henry Jackson Sandy Bay

James Jackson Hamilton

John James

William Jankus harrington Street

James Jeffrey Campbell St

William Jenkins Harrington St

Jerry Goulborn St

John Jewson

Benjamin Johns

Frederick Johnson

George Johnson Elizabeth and Liverpool St

H Johnson Liverpool St

John Johnston Barrack St

Archibald Johnstone DeWitt Street

James Jones

Thomas Jordan Liverpool St

William Jordan Watchorn St

Thomas Kearney Cascade Road

James Kelly Argyle St

David King 113 Gouldburn (?) Street

George King Argyle St

John King Davey St

King New Town

G L Knight 10 Liverpool St

William Knights Molle Street

William Knights

William Gale Lambert Liverpool St

Jerimiah Langford Brisbane St

G Langs Williamson St

Frank Langston Macquarie St

Frank Langton Macquarie St

James Lansdell 15 Patrick Street

Laslip macquarie St

George Lawson Battery Point

Donald Levaik

P Levy Bathurst St

Lewis Campbell St

Alex Livingston Sandy Bay

William Livingston Cascade Road

John Lord

Lors Goulborn St

James Love 18 Argyle St

James Lowe 18 Argyle St

Angus Lynch Battery Point

george Lynch Battery Point

Lynch Battery Point

James MacKay


David MacKey Battery Point

D MacMillan Battery Point

M Madden Collins St

M Madden

Males Patrick St

Marrott Byron St

Marsden 114 Collins St

Marsden 114 Collins St

H Marsh Elizabeth St

William Marsh Murray and Collins St

Marsh Elizabeth St

Marshal Goulbourn St

John Martin Murray St

Martin Elizabeth St

Henry Matthews Fitzroy Cresecent

Mazengarb Morrison St

Mazengarb Morrison St

John McConnell Collins St

C McFie Smith Street

M McGregor North West Bay

Thomas McLoughlin Liverpool St

James McPherson Collins St

David McShean Warrick St

Michael McShean Harrington

Meadows Macquarie St

John Merching

John Miles Bathurst St


John Milliken Byron St

Edward Mills High St

R Mills

Edward Mills High Street

James Moody Macquarie St

Moody Melville

John Mooney Collins St

john Moore Moodie Row

John Moore Moodie Row

James Mordic Battery Point

Edward Mulcahy Battery Point

Peter Munn Caruphula

Donald Munro Lansdowne Crescent

John Myers Forrest St

John Myers Lassshafter Forrest Road

Henry Naide Murray St

Mark Nathan Liverpool St

John N-dasz Market St

Nelson Battery Point

Henry Newsham Richmond

Willam Noble Argyle St

William Noble Argyle St

James Nolan Adelaide St

Edward Noomy Battery Point

James Norton Sandy Bay

O'Keefe Collins St

William Open 161 Bathurst St

John Osborne

James Oskia Battery Point

H Owens Colens St

SG Parker Elizabeth St

Parker bathurst Street

Parker Bathurst St

H M Patterson Argyle St

Paul Brisbane St

William Paynton Liverpool St

William Paynton

John Perkins Liverpool Street

Perks High St

Pettit Liverpool St

Aarom Phillips Sorell

George A Phillips Battery Point

Robert Phillips Liverpool St

Charles Poole Murray St


J M Porthouse Burnett Street

Pratt Sackvile St

John Pregnall


John Prendergast Patrick Street

John Prendergast Patrick St


Thomas Priest

John Purcell Angelsea St

James Pursay Lansdowne Crescent

Radford Langroo Bottom

Reed Burnett St

John Reed Jnr Burnett St

Samuel A Reid Reid Battery Point

Z G r Reid Collins St

P D Reilly Murray St

Phillip Renahan Battery Point

John Reynolds

John Richards

john Richards Collins St

Richard Richardson

SW Roberts Argyle St

William Roberts Seven Street

Roberts Barrack St

Roberts Argyle St

Roberts Argyle St

Roberts Barrack St

Robert Robertson 35 Argyle Street

G A Robinson

Richard Robinson Forrest Rd

Robert Robinson 35 Argyle St

John Rofs Landowne Crescent

B R Rogers Battery Point

Joseph Rooman Patrick St

T Rose Melville St


JJ Ross Battery Point

Samuel Ross Hill St Lansdowne Crescent

John Ross JJ Rasi Battery Point

Rougigne Molle Street


Rushbrown Campbell St

Henry Salimore Bathurst St

Sarigson Macquarie St

Henry Scholfield Collins St

R Scholfield Arthur St

Jo Sealy brisbane St

Sealy Brisbane St

Thomas Self

Edward Shepperd Battery Point

William Sherwin

M Shething Liverpool St

William Short Melville St

John Simpson City of Hobart


George Smith

Henry Smith Melville St

James Smith

James Smith

Thomas Smith Argyle St

William Smith

William Smith

X Smith

Smith Port Signet

Smith Bath Street

Smith Bath Street

W Smith Bathrust St

William Smith Macquarie St

Robert Snowden Battery Point

Wes Spears Argyle St

Thomas Spencer Fitzroy Crescent

John W Stabb Molle St

Robert H Stabb Molle St

Robert H Stabb Molle St

Stabb Molle St

John W Stabb Molle St

Robert H Stabb Junior Molle St

J M Stanley Antill St Davey St

John Starrington Melville St

Steavenson Harrington St

John Stephenson

Stevens Collins St

Stewart Upper Goulburn St

John Sullivan Collins St

Richard Summers Old Wharf

Thomas Suntaff

W Tausett Campbell St

John Taylor brisbane St

William Taylor

Taylor Brisbane St

John Thomas

William Thomas Sandy Bay

William Thomas Sandy Bay

Henry Thompson Murray St

Henry Thompson

John Thompson Sackville Street

Magnus Thornill 180 Murray St

Thurston Cottage Greeen

John Tibballs

W J Tilbey Murray St

W Tolman Harrington St

J Trowbridge Liverpool St

Charles Tufil

J Turner Watchorn St

John Turner Battery Point

L Turner Jnr Liverpool Street

Edward Valentine

Edward Valentine

Henry Vautin Elizabeth St

William Veall Old Wharf

William Veall Old Wharf

Henry Vout Collins St

Henry Vout Collins St

William Vout

William Vout

Vout Collins St

D B Walker Battery Point

G H Ward Bathurst St

Alfred Ware Bathrust St

Henry Warne Battery Point

George Watt Melville St

George Webb

George Webb

John Webb Macquarie St

Alfred Wheeler Liverpool Street

TW Whiteside Liverpool Street

William Wickins Harrington St

Wilkins Harrington St

Joseph William

Charles Williams Macquarie St

H Williams

Lewis Williams Campbell St

Lewis Williams Campbell St

William Williams Bathurst St

William Williams

Williamson Glenorchy

Mr Williiamson Glenorchy

Henry Wilson Murray St

Henry Wilson Battery Point

J Wilson Marine Board

Joseph Wilson New Town

Robert Wilson

Wilson Argyle St

Joseph Wincel property Owner

Joseph Winel

Henry Withers Melbville St

Tho Wright Campbell St

Thomas Wright Campbell St

Rob X Liverpool St

Arthur Yaxley


Henry Walter Murray St


John Barrack St






X Argyle St

Kelly Street

Argyle St

Murray St

Murray St

Warrick St

Harrington St

Harrington St



Elizabeth St

Murray St

Murray St

42 Coloik Street

Macquarie St


42 Colville St


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