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The vast majority of people rely on cars

As shown in the above infographic from the 2019 Greater Hobart Travel Survey, cars are an essential and necessary part of our lives for the vast majority of our community members.

While I support providing and encouraging other means of travel which reduce emissions and/or provide more active ways of getting from A to B, I am also a realist and understand that without private vehicles, many in our community would be unable to participate in city life and their days would be much harder.

I support:

  • Council being realistic about our community's private vehicle use and not disregarding the clear need for private transport in our city

  • preserving on and off-street parking unless there is a strong and clear overall benefit for removing the parking

  • parking improvements throughout Hobart, including operating Argyle Street carpark 24 hours a day, introducing of off-peak on-street parking rates and park and ride facilities to reduce congestion in the inner city

  • dramatic improvements to public transport so that those who do not use public transport to accessibility, frequency or cost issues are able to

  • providing infrastructure to support safer walking, cycling and scootering to encourage those who would walk/ride/scoot if appropriate infrastructure was available, such as separated bikepaths and secure bike parking

  • embracing ferry travel and would be thrilled to see a network of ferry stations linking the city and suburbs along the banks of the Derwent River and believe that the old rail corridor provides a great opportunity for transport.

I do not support private car users being unfairly deterred from our city, especially when there is often no viable alternative.

I know that many older people and people with a disability cannot attend medical appointments in the city on an escooter. I know that doing school drop offs, rushing into work, then grabbing groceries before picking the kids up and taking them to sport is pretty challenging on a bike. I know that doing deliveries and collecting goods from the CBD is almost impossible without a vehicle. I know that customers need to be able to access businesses if the businesses are to survive. 


I do not support streets being closed to traffic without there being a strong and clear benefit, I do not support parking being stripped unjustifiably or made ridiculously expensive simply as a deterrent or for revenue-raising. 

Find out more about what I stand for.

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